Buurtzorg nursing is a Dutch model of community nursing that brings the highest quality of care to your home. We take a holistic approach, providing both personal and skilled nursing care, eliminating many coordination problems. A trusting relationship can evolve and your nurses are closely aware of your needs and circumstances. As your personal care-giver, we focus on specific requirements, environment and support to identify what care, tools and guidance are needed. We guide you in recovery or during a disease process, help with monitoring and giving medication, and implement orders from your doctor and help treat wound care, injections, pain control, and rehabilitation. In short, Buurtzorg provides effective, high-quality care at affordable cost. We believe it is more beneficial to bring care to your doorstep.
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“Thank you Buurtzorg for being there when we could not, for being our eyes and ears when ours were too far to see or hear and above all for being the walking stick for someone who needed it badly. Thank you for everything.”
Sutapa Roy Ramanan
“ I want to thank Buurtzorg for the care they have taken of my parents at Kolkata. What stands out is the genuine compassion that every member of this outstanding firm has shown. You know how to deal with elderly people, balancing the guidance and support they need with the dignity they deserve. We wish you all success in your venture!”
Pritam Ghosh.